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About us

A little bit about our activities and services.

We provide a variety of services for the development, creation of Web sites.

Such as:

  • Development of design and creation easy site from scratch;
  • Performing site on a template and further development of individual design;
  • Site design by CMS engine;
  • Design and creation of an online store on the CMS engine;
- It is preferable for us is the development of Web sites on a fairly popular CMS WordPress and OpenCart engines, which are, in turn, have a rather rich functionality, a large number of plugins and modules administratirovaniyu site.

- Also works with services such as Google Analytics provided by Google to create detailed statistics of visitors of websites to promote them and the popularity. Including Google Adwords - PPC services mainly search advertising.

Creating a website with CMS - it is possible to obtain not only visually beautiful resource that will attract users a stylish design, but also guarantee the uninterrupted functionality that will turn ordinary visitors of the resource in your regular customers.

Site development on CMS - is the creation of any internet resource on the basis of CMS, a content control system. With this useful block you can change the structure of the site, funtsionala individual elements, fill the resource content and professionally administer it.

If necessary, unnecessary items may be disabled, and those that will be helpful - on the contrary, activate and configure.

Despite the fact that the creation of sites on the CMS - is quite common in today's Internet environment, the process of creating, configuring, and administering this resource takes time.

Most of these resources is created on the PHP programming language, and for databases used by MySQL. This is the most stable and proven tandem, but even in this case, the resource owner will have a lot of technical work and responsibility for the fate of the resource.

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